Categories: News

by Pavlo Ivanchenko


Categories: News

by Pavlo Ivanchenko

November 17, 2023


Photo by Saif71.com_Unspash

Technical Base (original UA spelling: Технічна База) is the sci-pop podcast, co-hosted by our coordinator Pavlo Ivanchenko and his school friends Slava Mylka and Bogdan Golovchuk. The scope of the topics is broad: Technology, Nature, Energy, Biology, Chemistry, History, War in Ukraine, even Arts. But the objective is simple: describe the surrounding world in simple words.

Although, most of the episodes are in Ukrainian, there are multiple instances of discussions in English, like the episode on Batteries, where the fundamentals of Battery technology is discussed with Alan Gen Li, a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at Columbia University in the City of New York. He is currently a Belgian American Educational Foundation fellow at Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in Belgium and will be a Chateaubriand STEM fellow at CentraleSupélec, Université Paris-Saclay in France.

In the first episode of the podcast “Battery 1: What it is and why we need them?” the covered topics are:

-What are batteries?
-What materials are used in batteries?
-How to measure the state of discharge of a battery?
-Degradation of a battery with time
-Impact of temperature on battery performance

In episode two “Batteries 2: How to keep your phone/laptop/car battery healthy?“, you’ll hear about:

-solid state batteries
-liquid metal batteries for grid storage applications
-how to charge you battery in a safe way
-business models in the automobile industry
-battery production in Europe
-battery application for rockets or “чим в#бати по Кримському мосту”

Finally, in the last episode on this topic “Batteries 3: Electric airplanes“, with Alan the hosts will discuss the feasibility of electric airplanes and the challenges of reusing old batteries for new applications.

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